A good Product Strategy accelerates product adoption in the competitive market place.

Successful product strategy requires an analysis of the nature of the intended market, customers, the ecosystem, competitors and market trends.

  • Size of the opportunity (How big is the market and how much can be reasonably achieved)

  • Positioning of the product and target markets

  • Optimal pricing

  • Identifying best partners and channels

  • Determine product deficiencies or GAPs

  • Key messaging (to shorten the purchase process)

  • Voice of Customer (Customer Needs)

Robert Hale & Associates has over 15 years of experience in supporting successful product strategies for Fortune 1000 companies, technology and medical device companies. In our experience, the key is good market intelligence and analytics based on critical thinking and sophisticated tools. Client list…

Our Typical Engagements

Target Marketing, Segmentation and Positioning
The decision making complexity of B2B depends on user needs, department needs and corporate needs (e.g. strategy) and can be quite complex and long. Understanding the key messaging and whom to target and when can be critical. Read More…
Market Sizing and Forecasts
Robert Hale and Associates has been providing accurate market size and forecasts for almost 15 years to companies like Google, HP, Qualcomm, Rovi and many others. We use sophisticated models to include Bass Diffusion and Econometric modeling to understand the key market drivers. Read More…

Price Sensitivity and Analysis
In addition to using over 10 established pricing models for pricing new products (and optimizing existing product pricing), we have developed our own Choice-Base Plus™ Modeling which predicts market share based on price. Read More...

Use Case Development
We use a proprietary process to gain deep insights into user needs and translate those to the language of our client. Our use cases are very detailed as well as being exhaustive and mutually exclusive. Read More…
Voice of the Customer
We tell you what they say and what they mean (sometimes two different things). In addition, we use market segmentation on Voice of Customer so to understand all key market segments as opposed to some processes which only provide you the obvious. Read More…
Market Research and Intelligence
We not only tell you what people say, but what they are likely to think and how they are likely to behave using our unique 360 data resolution process, because how they behave and think is the true goal of good marketing research. Our competitive intelligence is modeled after Robert Hale’s experience as a former Special Agent with the FBI. Read More…

Our Typical Process

Product Strategy Chart